As you may have seen we have revealed our stunning autumn 2020 covers. From an exhilarating new fantasy debut to the third instalment of the Clockwork Crow trilogy, this year’s upcoming titles promise to have something for everyone:

Too Dark to See by Chloe Heuch

Meet Kay, a 16-year-old girl grieving the loss of her mother, her home and life as she knows it. 
Can her new friend Siôn help her find the beauty of Blackmoss Mountain? Or will she lose everything again?

Released July 2, available to pre-order now! You can join Chloe for her online launch, see details below.

Join Chloe for her online launch on July 2, over on Twitter.

My Name is River by Emma Rea

Coming on August 6, this middle-grade adventure debut follows Dylan as he travels from Wales to Brazil in order to challenge the company that has just bought his family’s farm.

Pre-order by July 16 to receive a signed copy and a bookmark!

The Ten Riddles of Eartha Quicksmith by Loris Owen

The Ten Riddles of Eartha Quicksmith by Loris Owen

Coming September 10 is a thrilling debut full of puzzles, danger and friendship. Read the first chapter here.
When Kip Bramley receives a cryptic invitation, delivered by a beetle-shaped drone which appears to be breathing, his world will change forever. Soon he finds himself chasing riddles and solving puzzles on a crazy treasure hunt set 400 years earlier by a mysterious genius. As things get dangerous, it seems much more is at stake for Kip and his family than winning top marks at his strange new school…

Pre-order by August 20 to receive a signed copy and a pin badge!

Midnight Swan Catherine Fisher Clockwork Crow Velvet Fox

The Midnight Swan by Catherine Fisher

The third and final instalment of the award-winning Clockwork Crow trilogy finds Seren embarking on what might be her most dangerous adventure yet. Released October 1.

Pre-order by September 10 to receive a signed copy and a limited edition bookmark!

Lori and Max and the Book Thieves by Catherine O'Flynn

Lori and Max and the Book Thieves by Catherine O’Flynn

This second Lori and Max detective story arrives October 8! A stolen phone and an unruly dog; a buried lunchbox and an antique children’s book. Lori and Max must dig through layers of lies to solve two mysteries.

Pre-order by September 17 to receive a signed copy.

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