The Ten Riddles of Eartha Quicksmith (PRE-ORDER)


By Loris Owen | Published 10th September 2020

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Welcome to the dazzling new world of Quicksmiths, where you will encounter Strange Energy, the Mowl, Wormholes, Dark Forces and the tantalising riddle of the Ark of Ideas. When Kip Bramley receives a cryptic invitation, delivered by a beetle shaped drone which appears to be breathing, his world will change forever. Soon he finds himself chasing riddles and solving puzzles on a crazy treasure hunt set 400 years earlier by a mysterious genius. As things get dangerous, it seems much more is at stake for Kip and his family than winning top marks at his strange new school…

Let your adventure begin:

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Praise for the book

‘An incredibly inventive, fabulously funny book stuffed with likeable characters and a plot that will keep you guessing until the very last page. One of the best children’s fantasy books I’ve read so far this year. Do not miss it!’ Dan Walker, Author of The Light Hunters

‘It’s exciting, it’s funny, and it’s very clever … an absolute wonder and a joy.’ @notsotweets / BookWormHole

‘The Ten Riddles of Eartha Quicksmith is full of excitement, mystery and wonderfully strange invention. It’s a compelling read.’ Penny Thomas, Editor

‘Do you remember the excitement you felt the first time you read Harry Potter? The exhilaration that came with joining Percy Jackson on his adventures? For the first time since I was a child, I was transported and fully submerged into a whole new world. A world full of mystery, riddles and an urgency to find the Ark of Ideas before it’s discovered by Dark Forces. I’ve had a taste of Quicksmiths… and I cannot wait to go back!’ Leonie Lock, Bookseller and Assistant Editor 

2 reviews for The Ten Riddles of Eartha Quicksmith (PRE-ORDER)

  1. Cian

    I first read this book about 2 years ago and coming back to it I’ve realised it hasn’t lost its charm and likability in the slightest, it’s one of those rare books that you can’t seem to put down and can come back to with enthusiasm even if you know exactly what’s going to happen. It’s a very unique book that has its own name and individual people that stick with you. And When you read the book itself you feel like your in the shoes of the characters, as if your solving the riddles right next to Kip. This book keeps you in the dark just enough to surprise and pull you into it’s story, as well as teaching you a thing or two along the way.I can see it standing next to books like Alex Rider and even Harry Potter.I’d definitely read it again.

  2. Liam

    I got the chance to read this in order to get my feedback as a father of two. I found the story warm and exciting, full of triumph over adversity and some surprisingly touching moments of friendship and pathos. There’s a theme of closeness, within friendships and within family – which set me up for then admiring how villainous the bad guys are.
    No matter what school was like for you, every chapter has several moments that imagine how awesome it COULD be – that make you wish you’d had these teachers and these friends. Here in a community of truly global diversity, adults are free to be child-like in their excitement and their instinct to constantly see the world anew, and children are free to be respected as thinkers and doers.
    The team of two girls, two boys has a balanced structure that builds nicely and which sets it apart from similar works. I was drawn into how they banter and what they choose to do for each other – as if they’d be fun to follow playing scrabble in quarantine, let alone having fantasy adventures. Each character feels complete, and our initially lonely hero is convincing in his inner thoughts.
    The fantasy elements are perfectly entwined with individual characters to develop their personalities in each new challenge. Familiar ideas like wormholes and drones are made fresh and fun, and a host of original inventions and scenarios mesh seamlessly into a well-thought out world.
    The riddles themselves are honed to the target age group, and the reader is always caught up in the moment as our heroes work through them. The plot is never let down by those silly or predictable moments that are politely ignored in other books, the bits that make adults say to each other “It’s only for children, it doesn’t matter”.
    I can’t wait for the next one.

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