The Midnight Swan


By Catherine Fisher
Published 1st October 2020 | 9781913102371

With an invisible girl, a parliament of owls and a pen that writes by itself, the journey to the garden of the Midnight Swan might be Seren’s most dangerous adventure yet.

Third book in the award-winning The Clockwork Crow Trilogy.

Praise for the book

‘Full of deep fairytale resonance, Fisher’s writing stands out in the mind’s eye like blood drops on snow.’ Imogen Russell Williams, The Guardian

The Midnight Swan is a fabulously satisfying conclusion to The Clockwork Crow trilogy. Seren is compelled to travel deeper and deeper into the otherworld in order to liberate the tetchy corvid. Magical and intense with more than a hint of danger. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!’ @bookwormswaless

Catherine Fisher writes with a poet’s love and respect for language … Previous installments in this trilogy have already won prizes; this title deserves one too – 5 stars’ Books for Keeps

‘The Midnight Swan transported me into a magical world of enchantment, excitement and danger, and completely enthralled me with its evocative atmosphere, heart-warming relationships and sense of other-worldly mystery.’ Mary Rees, NetGalley reviewer and educator

‘A beautifully told tale and a trilogy of books that should definitely be on every bookshelf.’ Rosie Watch, LoveReadingKids

Praise for The Clockwork Crow: 

‘Rich in evocative detail and multidimensional characters, this wintry enchantment is suspenseful, resonant of folk tales and perfect to curl up with in the cold.’ Nicolette Jones, Children’s Books of the Year, The Sunday Times

‘Magical, atmospheric – funny, this is a slice of Victorian creepiness and a seasonal treat’ Sally Morris, Daily Mail

‘Children of ten and older will find themselves pleasurably lost in this enchanting, candlelit delight.’ Philip Womack, Literary Review

‘Gripping and magical, a perfect snowy holiday read for children (and me).’ Daniel Hahn, Spectator


2 reviews for The Midnight Swan

  1. Louise

    Read the first chapter of the Midnight Swan and can’t wait for this last book in the trilogy to come out. Seren is straight into another adventure and the box is so intriguing!

  2. Liam James

    The third part of a trilogy that started with The Clockwork Crow, and continued with The Velvet Fox, The Midnight Swan ties everything up beautifully and in a very satisfying way. One of the things I really love about this trilogy is the feeling of dark, creepy fae magic. The Folk may be charming but their also definitely scary, and this enchanting darkness comes across so well. The tension between the attraction and the fear is increased for the final part of the trilogy, creating some incredible haunting and powerful scenes. There’s a lot of humour too, which helps lighten the mood and keeps the book very readable. Most of it is at the expense of the poor clockwork crow, the children’s tutor, trapped in the raggedy form of a crow. The story introduces a new mystery, a box that Seren finds in a delightfully mysterious market, and new creatures of power who can help her. The idea of a quest to seek a favour is such a fairy story classic, and it works so well here. Catherine Fisher is clearly very familiar with the older source material, and how to twist it into her own stories to create beautiful new patterns and pictures. There’s additional tension as the narrative deals headlong with the fact that Seren is an orphan, and a ward of the family, and what this might mean for her future. Watching her fret and worry about this, as she snoops around the house, really helped raise the already high emotional stakes and the novel delivers a suitably powerful emotional ending.

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