Too Dark to See


By Chloë Heuch
Published 2nd July 2020 | ISBN 9781913102166

After the death of her mother, 16-year-old Kay is on a mission to self-destruct, risking her friendships, her school work and herself in her drive not to feel anything. Needing to save money, her father moves them to Blackmoss Mountain, to Kay’s disgust. But she finds new freedom in this barren landscape, befriending the semi-wild ponies that live there, and meeting Siôn, the son of the farmer who owns the ponies, who is also roaming the mountains to escape home.

Siôn and Kay are drawn slowly into a secret and intense relationship, meeting in a ruined cottage on the mountain. But when Siôn’s terrifying, abusive father finally finds them, will Kay lose everything again?

A beautiful, evocative debut novel of how a lost teenage girl finds new hope in a wild landscape.

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Praise for the book

‘Heuch has masterfully written how grief can affect a person in a way that they cannot even see it, making this a book well worth reading.’ Niamh O’Donnell, Paper Lanterns Literary Magazine

‘I was impressed by this beautifully told story of love and survival… Grief, sex, destructive behaviour, resilience and the natural world are all handled with great sensitivity.’ Caroline Sanderson, The Bookseller

‘A beautifully written portrayal of teen grief. The characters are very real and draw you in.’ Kelly McFarland, TBHonest

‘An evocative story of a teenage girl coming to terms with loss and finding hope and light in the untamed landscape of her new world, Too Dark To See is stunning. Each page oozes with a purity of raw emotion. … Remarkable, genuine, heartfelt and so very real.’ Fallen Star Stories

Too Dark to See is a beautifully written story. Powerfully emotive and heartfelt.’ Maja Varadinek-Skelton, NetGalley

‘Nature and the characters were beautifully drawn and I positively raced through this book.’ Jennifer Moore, NetGalley

‘I loved how each character had their own story to tell and how they helped each other find a kind of peace. It was beautifully written and I loved the ending. It really pulled the whole story together.’ Lisa Rowe, NetGalley

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