This Dark Heart (PRE-ORDER)


By Zeena Gosrani | Cover illustration by Cynthia Paul
Published 3rd October 2024 | ISBN 9781915444721

In a world where the shadow-like ‘daayan’ stalk the night, the mages of Agraal are the only ones able to defend the realm. So, when Princess Thiya discovers she has the extraordinary powers of a healing mage, she captures the attention of earth mage Isaac. In order to lure Thiya to the frontline to help defeat the daayan, Isaac does the unthinkable, he takes Thiya’s true love Amara hostage.

Together with fire mage Kaayan and her brother Lochan, Thiya must make a perilous journey to rescue Amara. But not everything is as it seems and the powers at work behind Amara’s abduction might come from the darkest heart of them all.

A poignant, moving love story set in a rich and vivid world inspired by Indian folk tales.

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