Welsh Giants, Ghosts and Goblins (PRE-ORDER)


By Claire Fayers | Cover designed by Becka Moor | Hardback
Publishing 1st August 2024 | ISBN 9781915444707 

· 17 adventures, fairy tales and ghost stories from across Wales, retold and reimagined by the author of WELSH FAIRY TALES, MYTHS AND LEGENDS

· Traditional stories are given new life through a contemporary storyteller’s lens – a feisty, inclusive and relatable cast in a mix of traditional and contemporary settings

· Beautiful, decorative, hardback edition – perfect as a gift or keepsake and for reading aloud.

A wealth of Welsh myths, legends and ghost stories are reimagined for contemporary younger readers.

Meet Idris, the teenage giant king on a quest to collect stories. As he travels across Wales in this anthology, readers encounter a vengeful house goblin, a ghost that steals life from the living, dwarves that have moved in beneath someone’s garden, a tea party of Lady ghosts, a furry trickster goblin and many other fascinating and devious fairy folk besides!

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