The Territory: Escape


By Sarah Govett
Published October 2016 | ISBN 9781910080467

Second book in the award-winning The Territory trilogy

The year is 2059. Fifteen-year-old Noa Blake has passed the exam to stay in The Territory – but her childhood friend Jack has been shipped off to the disease-ridden Wetlands, a death sentence in all but name.

Noa and Raf have vowed to rescue him, but how? With an electric fence, gun towers and a police state monitoring their every move, getting into the Wetlands looks impossible, let alone getting home again.

Second in The Territory trilogy, The Territory: Escape follows Noa, Raf and Jack as they battle through a world of raiders, mosquito swarms, and psychopathic prisoners. Noa faces her own battle too – is it just friendship that drives her and if not, is Jack still even hers to claim?

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Praise for the book

‘A little bit political, a little bit thought-provoking and a little bit of a moral dilemma. Lots of tricky questions to answer, and it forces you to think about how you might make some difficult decisions under pressure – and if there ever even is a right answer!’ Jo Morrell, The Pool

‘The second installment in Sarah Govett’s trilogy set in a future Territory is as great as the first… exciting and inspiring’ The Bookwitch

‘An action-packed sequel to its excellent precursor, Escape still reads well as a story in its own right… Govett’s page-turning writing style underpins her philosophical questions about education, utopias and what we value in communities – and each other. An excellent and insightful read.’ BookTrust

‘One of the best books of all time!’ Proudfangirl

‘This is a truly exceptional novel, exciting, gripping and intense.’ Forreadingadicts

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