White Petals


By Maria Grace | Published June 2015 | 9781910080245

‘I wasn’t even scared. When the thing you fear most happens, you can be quite brave.’

Emmeline has been trying to hold her family together since her dad died. Now her mum’s been sectioned, everyone’s split up and she has to live in a care home. Just for three months…

Three months to make some extraordinary friends, make mistakes, discover she has a secret gift, learn to fight – in more ways than one – and find out so much about who she is and where she belongs. Sometimes what seems like the end of everything is the beginning of something better.

White Petals is a refreshingly frank YA novel filled with loveable characters who will make you laugh and cringe as they quickly start to feel like friends. It reminds us that whoever you are, and wherever you’re from, you can always make a difference.

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