Three Strikes


By Lucy Christopher, Kat Ellis and Rhian Ivory
Published October 2018 | ISBN 9781910080863

A red eye blinks in the darkness; a hidden door opens to a lost crypt; a life is held in the light of a flickering flame – welcome to Three Strikes.

Step into the unknown world of The Tribe with Kasha in THE DARKNESS by Lucy Christopher; be entranced by the ghostly voices of THE TWINS OF BLACKFIN by Kat Ellis, or lose yourself in a haunting retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Little Match Girl’ – MATCHGIRL by Rhian Ivory. Whether you like your stories dark or darker, Three Strikes is the perfect under-the-covers read!

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Praise for the book

Selected as one of Wales Arts Review’s Welsh Books for Young People – The Best of 2018 | Shortlisted for the Family Bookworms Awards for Welsh Authors and Illustrators, YA Book of the Year 2018

‘A trio of unsettling stories from three YA stars, perfect for reading by candlelight.’ Eithne Farry, S magazine

‘Throw another log on the fire and settle down to read this chilling trio of unsettling novellas. Richness of imagination underpins Ivory’s lyrically written Matchgirl, a modern retelling of Hans Christian Anderson’s fairytale, with a startling ending. In Christopher’s The Darkness, unhappy teens are lured away to a remote island (with echos of the television reality show Love Island), where the plot unfolds with twists and red herrings galore, to reveal that each character has a sinister motive. My favourite in the trio is the atmospheric The Twins of Blackfin by Ellis, about a girl struggling to come to terms with a friend’s death. It draws you in and disorients you with the hypnotic quality of a Grimm Brothers’ tale. Zinging with youthful energy, although suffused with sadness and mystery, these eerie, compelling stories are aimed at young adults, but will cast their spell on grandparents, parents and teenagers alike.’ Rebecca Wallersteiner, The Lady magazine

‘Exceptionally gripping, each of these stories quickly establishes their own unique voices that will haunt the reader for some time to come.’ Fallen Star Stories

‘If you enjoy dark teen fiction with plenty of gothic and some horror thrown in, this is the book for you. These are excellently conceived and written stories with real quality. If you are easily spooked, keep the tales for daytime reading.’ Marie-Louise Jensen, Armadillo magazine

‘Three unsettling but thoroughly compelling new stories from the Grand High Witches of thrilling YA, this is a veritable bubbling cauldron of mystery, mischievousness and mayhem. YA as it should be – dangerous, dark and daring. I loved it.’ CJ Skuse

The Darkness by Lucy Christopher is such a beautiful story – mysterious, exciting, deeply emotional and with a rare spiritual depth. It stays in the mind like a prayer.’ Melvin Burgess

Matchgirl by Rhian Ivory is a tingling, winter storm of a story! Nia and Sol, ice and sunlight, loss and finding, the fragile flame of matchlight hope, and the music that holds them all.’ Hilary McKay

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