The Wanderer (signed bookplate)


By Josie Williams
Published 7th Oct 2021 | ISBN 9781913102661


Nothing can stand in the way of love, not even death.

Alone in the world, Maggie only has her visits to her nan to look forward to. When the most popular boy in school saves her life she has no idea why he is suddenly acting like a different person.

Stuck between life and death, Ryder spends his days wandering around unseen by the living. When the girl he loves walks into danger, Ryder breaks the number one Wanderer’s rule: he saves her life.

But how can a Wanderer and a living girl ever reach their happily ever after?

For those who enjoy heart-wrenching teenage romance with a touch of the paranormal, The Wanderer is a moving and compelling YA romance dealing with first love and growing up.

Cover design by Anne Glenn

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Praise for the book

‘The Wanderer is a poignant narrative that tackles the impact of death and loss while depicting a moving account of the joy and warmth of first love.’ Joanna Geoghegan, Paper Lanterns Literary Magazine

‘The Wanderer is a gut-wrenching, epic love story that I could not put down. I was addicted and rooting for Ryder and Maggie from the start.’ #1 New York Times bestselling author Natasha Preston

‘A beautiful book about loss, longing, and love. Josie Williams paints a touching picture of two teens, separated by life and death, battling loneliness to find love for the first time. An original and beautiful story – thoroughly enjoyable!’ NJ Simmonds

‘A poignant story about two teens dealing with loneliness and looking for a sense of connection. Moving and intense.’ Kat Ellis, author of Harrow Lake

‘A heartbreaking love story with a ghostly twist; I fell in love with Ryder and Maggie and felt every longing glance and stolen touch. Just gorgeous.’ Cynthia Murphy, author of Last One To Die

2 reviews for The Wanderer (signed bookplate)

  1. Annette van Geloof

    I saw this book on Netgalley quite some time ago already. I’m not entirely sure why it took me this long to get started, but at least I’m in time for the release of this book next week. Luckily, because I think there are really a lot of people who’re gonna love this book, especially the people who grew up with the more old fashioned YA stories. Not that the story is old fashioned, far from it, but it has kind of the same vibe.

    The plot of the book is actually quite simple and also quite predictable. I know that not everyone sees that as a compliment or a positive thing, but in this case it fits and works. This is not a mystery, this is not an action packed story. This is the story of two people falling in love and not being able to be together. It’s about the characters, about their struggles, about their lives and about the impossible future they can never share.

    And because these characters are interesting and realistic the story is gripping. Of course, we mostly get to know the main two characters and their stories. We’re spending quite some time in their heads and therefore we get to know them quite well. Not every detail is spelled out, there are no long info-dumps telling their entire history, but by the end of the book both of these characters feel like friends and have found their way into our hearts.

    On top of that Williams lets her characters ask the right questions considering the body stealing thing. Of course, since we started caring about these characters and want them to be together, it’s easy to cross a few lines here and there. After all, it’s “just” a book. But Williams refuses to let us and I love that. Especially because it’s one of the many details she thought about. Even though the concept seems simple, the mythology works and is very well thought out.

    If there is ever gonna be another story set in this “world”, I’d love to read it!

  2. Pamela Lilley

    Oh what a wonderfully sweet paranormal romance following Ryder Edmonds, who for want of a word is a ghost, quite possibly stuck in between heaven and earth. Having missed his slot to ‘follow the light’ he’s stuck wandering the world unable to interact with humans, interacting only with a handful of other wanderers. Whilst going about his business he comes across lone book worm Maggie, herein starts his obsession. He’ll never be able to be with her, he won’t even be able to communicate with her. Or just maybe?
    I thoroughly enjoyed this story. A little high school drama, a little emotional drama, and a whole lot of afterlife drama as Ryder navigates the ‘real world’. I loved him. Maggie though, had so many teenage problems, I really felt for her. She was very much lost. A sweet and addictive young adult paranormal romance.

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