Tulip Taylor


By Anna Mainwaring
Published 20th June 2019 | ISBN 9781910080979

I’m a Celebrity meets Pride and Prejudice for teens. A warm-hearted feminist YA comedy for our social media controlled times.

Challenged to go on a ‘survival’ reality TV show, fifteen- year-old make-up vlogger Tulip only accepts to escape her mother’s money-making schemes and protect her younger brother and sister. Set up to fail, can she prove to the TV show, the cute but annoying boy who got her on there and – most importantly – to herself, that she’s more than just a pretty face?

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Praise for the book

Longlisted for the Grampian Children’s Book Award 2020

‘Funny, gripping and with an inspirational feel-good feminist theme, this will have readers rooting for Tulip every step of the way.’ Lovereading4kids

‘Clever and contemporary situations; gripping, compelling story and a character you will be routing for every step of the way. Simply a great read.’ Fallen Star Stories

‘A fun YA contemporary with a serious message about discovering who you are and being true to yourself.’ The United Book Blog

‘This is a truly delightful story, with a heroine that really grows on you… Despite the very serious topics that are covered in this story it is still light and full of hope and a good deal of humour; I definitely think it is a brilliant summer read even for adults, as it gives a superb insight into the modern world of teens.’ Margaret Pemberton, Books for Keeps

‘The story contains an entertaining riff on ideas about social media, and a neat conceit of a parent more enthralled to screens than her children. It nicely subverts the ‘dumb blonde’ stereotype as Tulip wittily takes linguistic control of her world. Each chapter starts with a word she has chosen from the dictionary – such as, ‘Pusillanimous: adjective’ – and her delight in new words is something to relish. Great fun.’ Sophie Smiley, The School Librarian

‘A really good book… I think it’s a book that will empower young people and encourage them to be happy with themselves, and be confident when going out and speaking to new people, making new friends, just in life overall…’ Teen Titles

‘A hilarious and inspiring read. Tulip’s comical, cringe-worthy misadventures are underpinned by truths about stereotype-busting and the power of taking risks.’ Rachel McIntyre

‘A brilliantly funny, heartfelt novel that bridges the gap perfectly between middle grade and more adult-themed YA, but which will also be enjoyed by older readers. Loaded with laugh-out-loud moments, and unfortunately for our heroine many cringe-worthy ones, the reader can’t help but root for the strong and perceptive Tulip as she is tested repeatedly in full view of the world. You’ll never do cartwheels or complain about your mother again!’ Marie Basting

‘I loved it! I was chuckling out loud. Huge fun, and so refreshing. A Pride and Prejudice for our times! Warm, wise and witty, this made me laugh out loud. I read this at a gallop – feisty, fun and feminist, Tulip Taylor will warm your heart.’ Olivia Levez

Tulip Taylor is smart and sassy and just the thing for the vlogging generation.’ Hayley Long

‘Tulip – a heroine with such heart – will have you rooting for her from the start. Anna Mainwaring brilliantly exposes the pressures on teenagers living in a digital world, but also the power each individual has to create change. Funny and clever, compulsively readable: I absolutely loved this novel.’ Louisa Reid

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