The Territory: Truth


By Sarah Govett
Published 01/04/2018 | ISBN 9781910080702

Final book in the award-winning The Territory trilogy

Limited Space requires Limited Numbers. Noa and Raf have found Jack, but at great personal cost. They must get back into the Territory and let people know what is happening. But how can they even scale the electric, gun-turreted fence, let alone fight the fake news of the Territory authorities?

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Praise for the book

‘This excellent dystopian trilogy addresses many contemporary issues, including climate change, inequality and – particularly relevant to a teenage readership – the relentless pressure to perform in exams. Throughout the trilogy, Govett’s characters feel grounded and well thought out; you really feel that they are ‘real’ teenagers, with real teen preoccupations about friendship, family and love, as well as what it means to live in a violently divided society. A great, page-turning read with plenty of action that will appeal to reluctant readers and bookworms alike.’ BookTrust

‘A distinctive voice also narrates The Territory – Truth (Firefly), the culmination of Sarah Govett’s gripping trilogy set in a climate-changed Britain in which only teenagers who pass a rigorous exam earn a place in the safety of the Territory. Noa and her exiled crew have information that could undermine the authorities – but can they break through the gun-turreted electric fence? Dystopian YA is frequently cliche-prone, but Govett’s humorous, unflinching handling of plot and character, particularly her irrepressible protagonist, makes this feel vivid and fresh; the scene in which the rebels force themselves to torture a Territory employee is particularly thought-provoking.’ Imogen Russell Williams, The Guardian

‘Empathy and love for the characters really grows throughout the book. The full and all-action ending was captivating and very memorable; it was exactly what I was hoping for. It left you guessing, satisfied, but also a feeling of awe from the outcome of the story. However, there was also a pinch of sadness as you finally left such a brilliant world. I think there is more to be explored and developed; it could certainly become a futuristic masterpiece. This is a great ending to a brilliant series full of highs and lows.’ Mr Ripleys Enchanted Books

‘A terrific conclusion to an unforgettable and superior dystopian series. With memorable characters and a highly original and gripping plot, the book is simply impossible to put down. It will also stay with you long after reading. The whole series is a thrilling five-star read!’ Sarah J Harris

‘Unputdownable! You will be on the edge of your seat, racing to the end, willing Noa on to survival and victory. A daring, sometimes brutal but brilliant series. If you haven’t started reading it already, start now!’ Faye Bird

‘Sarah Govett’s third instalment of her Territory trilogy does not disappoint. It’s as gripping as the other two books… The good news for anyone who didn’t read the earlier books is that now you can read all three in one fell swoop.’ The Bookwitch

‘Unputdownable. An amazing end to an incredible trilogy!’ Jo R,

‘The entire trilogy is simply brilliant and the conclusion is fantastic!’ Fiona Sharp,

‘What an exceptional finale to The Territory series. Truth is the third and final book in the trilogy and what a gripping, compelling and utterly addictive read it is… With many twists and turns throughout you will not be able to put this book down until you have devoured the whole book. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole trilogy, if you thought The Hunger Games were good then you will definitely enjoy this series! A series NOT to be missed!’ Gemma at Elgin,

The Territory: Truth is a gripping finale of a fantastic series… Sarah Govett has written a stunning trilogy that I highly recommend.’ With Love For Books

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