Karen Owen
Louise Forshaw

Leonie Lock, Editor at children’s and YA publisher Firefly Press, has acquired World rights for Major and Mynah 2 (title TBC) by Karen Owen, illustrated by Louise Forshaw.

‘Karen Owen has done it again –  this is a remarkable sequel. Book two features another brilliant caper, with amazing character additions and more hilarity. Callie Major is definitely a hero for modern times – she’s witty, resilient and absolutely does not let her hearing impairment stand in her way!’ said Leonie Lock.

The brilliant detective adventure for younger readers, Major and Mynah, is due to hit shelves May 2022. Callie Major realises her new hearing aids give her the ability to communicate with Bo, a mynah bird. Together, along with BFF Grace, the detective trio set out to investigate the local thefts and catch the culprit!

This squawk-tacular sequel follows the return of the Super Perceptive Undercover Detectives! When Bo sneaks into Callie’s bag on her school trip to the Tower of London, she and Grace are worried he’s going to cause lots of trouble. But when some gold coins and jewels are stolen from the site, SPUD have another case – and a spy in the sky comes in handy!

This sequel features the vivid backdrop of the Tower of London, exploring its rich history and the ravens that reside there. With more daring chases and some expert sneaking, Major and Mynah 2 is full of the same humour and mischief as book one. 

Karen Owen said: ‘Having the chance to take Callie, Bo and Grace on another adventure was one I jumped at. I’m a history fanatic so I loved being able to walk in the footsteps of famous people from our colourful past at the Tower of London.’

‘I’m incredibly excited to be asked to illustrate more of Callie, Grace and Bo’s world,’ said Louise Forshaw, ‘and I really can’t wait to dive (or maybe fly like Bo) into another Major and Mynah adventure.’

The novel is slated for publication in March 2023.

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