Major and Mynah


By Karen Owen | Illustrations by Louise Forshaw
Published 5th May 2022 | ISBN 9781913102746

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Callie Major does not like wearing her new hearing aids AT ALL. But when she meets abandoned Mynah bird Bo, she realises that her ‘slugs’ mean she can communicate with him!

Together the unlikely duo set off to catch the thief who has been causing trouble all over town. Includes high-speed chases, a very peckish bird and purple POO!

2 reviews for Major and Mynah

  1. EM Watson

    Big thank you to Firefly Press for letting us have an ARC to read, enjoy and review.

    Major and Mynah.
    Plot summary.
    When nine-year-old Callie Major is sent to be fitted out with hearing aids, or ‘SLUGS’ as she describes them, she really isn’t looking forward to the painful intrusion of the real world sounds entering her life or the teasing she’ll get at school. What she least expects is suddenly being able to hear and understand a Mynah bird, called Bo, that comes to eat her breakfast.

    Thus ensues a fast-paced, adventure for S.P.U.D., (Super Perceptive Undercover Detectives) Callie and her BFF Grace’s homegrown detective club as they track down a local thief who has stolen various things from around the village, including Callie’s younger brothers swimming trunks!

    My thoughts.
    A fast-paced, easy read that is full of fun, laughter, action and adventure. Told in the first-person voice of Callie, the reader gets a real feel for Callie, her hearing issues, and her family and friends. It also rather skillfully deals with bereavement, teasing/bullying, responsibility and caring. Callie’s hearing issue and the slugs are turned from something she fears and dislikes to something that is more akin to a superpower.

    The artwork for the story was really fun and is sure to please and added to the page turnability of this story and all that follow.

    A book to cheer, entertain and enable children, with or without ‘SLUGS’, everywhere!

  2. Liam James

    Major and Mynah is a fantastic new book. Callie is a very funny and sweet young heroine, and her detective agency, SPUD, she runs with her friend Grace is very endearing.

    Two things really stand out in this short novel. The first is the writing style. Everything is told from Callie’s perspective, and it has almost a stream-of-consciousness style to it, as she goes off on tangents or gets distracted. I really loved how well it worked, it wasn’t too forced, but it really felt like you were listening to a young, excitable narrator.

    The second is the disabled rep. Callie has hearing difficulties, and a big section of the story revolves around her getting hearing aids, which she really doesn’t want. I thought this whole element was handled very well, from her refusal to accept that she has a problem (it’s just that everyone mumbles), to the overwhelming noise when she first puts them in, to the attitudes of her classmates at school. It’s something I don’t remember seeing in a middle-grade book before, and I’m sure there’ll be children out there who will see themselves in Callie and this might help them to accept the help they need. Equally, there will hopefully be children who recognise friends, family members or classmates in what Callie is going through, and this will hopefully teach empathy and understanding.

    It’s also an exciting adventure/mystery too. A fast paced, exciting hunt for a bicycle thief around town, with Bo the Mynah bird proving to be an excellent sidekick. Or at least, an interesting sidekick, there are some very entertaining ups and downs with Bo!

    Major and Mynah is fast paced and fun, with beautiful, positive disability representation and a very sweet young heroine.

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