Empathy is a superpower, and there’s no better way to share this than through stories. Whether it’s making a boy visible again after his family became statutorily homeless or two friends who support each other through thick and thin: we’re not surprised that two of our titles have been selected for the 2023 Read for Empathy collection.

Congratulations to Simon Packham and Camilla Chester, whose wonderful books Has Anyone Seen Archie Ebbs and Call Me Lion are on this fantastic list!

Made up of a primary collection with 40 titles and a secondary collection with 25 titles, many of the books help readers understand the lives of those experiencing tough situations, like becoming homeless, or a refugee. Others help children build their understanding of emotions or inspire positive action towards the climate or animals or people in their community.

Download the free guides HERE and don’t forget to mark your calendars: Thursday 08 June is Empathy Day 2023!

Find out more about Leo and Archie:

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