Has Anyone Seen Archie Ebbs?


By Simon Packham | Cover illustrations & design by Becka Moor
Published 7th April 2022 | ISBN 9781913102722

Archie Ebbs has the perfect life. Good friends, a nice home and classmates who laugh at (nearly) all his jokes. But all that is about to change. As his family have to face unsettling times, Archie has his own worries …

Is he really starting to become invisible?


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Praise for the book

ʻHas Anyone Seen Archie Ebbs is a hugely empathetic read that’s warm, fun and full of heart.ʼ Ben Davis, author of The Soup Movement and The Private Blog of Joe Cowley series

ʻI was rooting for Archie Ebbs from the very first sentence. An important message wrapped up in humour, empathy, a mystery to solve and a touch of magic. Archie’s story is a call to pay attention to people around us because we don’t know what problems they’re facing. And it’s a reminder that, with the wrong luck, any of us could become an Archie Ebbs.ʼ Claire Fayers, author of Storm Hound


Why we love it:

ʻArchie is a happy-go-lucky, completely normal boy – and hidden homelessness is, sadly, normal for increasing numbers of children. Itʼs great to see Archie dealing with the difficulties he faces with such humour and – ultimately – things do work out for the best!ʼ Rebecca Lloyd, editor

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