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Special Easter Offer!

Special Easter Offer!! 

The Chicken of Doom

Sarah Todd Taylor has written a wonderful exclusive story based on characters in Arthur and Me.  

The Knights of the Round Table (who are not all quite as noble as you might have been told) always play a trick on Merlin on his birthday.  What will they do this year?  SQUARK!!  

Click here for a pdf of the story to keep.  Thank you Sarah!

Heather Dyer - Why I Can't Live without Books

Why I can't live without books - Stories of Flying

Heather Dyer


Writing A Mystery

Sharon Tregenza, author of The Shiver Stone, wrote this piece for us on one kind of story she really loves - a mystery.  How does she keep us turning the pages?

Shoo Rayner - Why I can't live without books









Shoo Rayner and Heather Dyer were among a group of authors who appeared last week in Rhyl as part of The Biggest Book Show on Earth for World Book Day.  

(The picture shows Shoo, Jonny Duddly, Jon Mayhew, Heather and ringmaster Steven Butler.)

Islands and Ideas

For World Book Day, Eloise Williams tells us about what inspired her to write her story Elen's Island.  The beautiful photographs and painting are by Eloise's husband Guy Manning.

Islands and Ideas

UKYAX - The Lowdown

UKYA Extravaganza –

Maria's Advice for our Art Competition

We hope you are working on your entries for our White Petals competition.  Details here.  

Which Knight of the Round Table Are You?


Which Knight of the Round Table Are You?


Calling all young artists!

White Petals illustration competition


We are looking for original artwork from artists aged 11-18 living in the UK to appear as chapter headings in the young adult novel White Petals by Maria Grace. White Petals is an unforgettable story about friendship and family set in and around a valley’s care home and school, and will be published in June 2015.

The Book: