Halloween at Home by Sharon Marie Jones

This year there will be no big Halloween parties or Trick-or-Treating – Boooo-Hoooo! But Halloween at home can be great fun too … with Grace-Ella Spells for Beginners and Grace-Ella Witch Camp author, Sharon Marie Jones, Top Ten Tricks and Treats for a Hauntingly Hair-raising Halloween!

So no need to miss out on all the fun. Just grab your broomstick and witch’s hat and keep on reading….

  1. Pumpkin carving

Use your carved pumpkin as a table decoration for a terrifying teatime! Here’s a YouTube video with some top tips for carving. Remember to always get supervision from an adult when carving pumpkins.

2. Dressing up

Get dressed up for the day and give your family a spooky surprise. Here’s me as a child in my witch costume.

3. Decorate

Decorate your house with some ghoulish garlands.

4. Crafts

Find bits and bobs to make some creepy creations e.g. an egg-carton spider, a broomstick bookmark, a magic wand to cast spooky spells.

5. Apply bobbing

Fill a large bowl with water and apples, then using only your mouth, try to get an apple out. You could time yourself to see how many apples you can collect in 30 seconds. Or have a race to see who can collect all the apples in the fastest time. Remember to always gave an adult nearby to supervise.

6. Witch’s Stew

Cut out some spooky shapes then using a straw, suck-up the shapes and place them in the cauldron to bubble and brew. Choose a shape each and have a race – first to suck up all their shapes and drop them in the cauldron.

7. Pin the Tail on the Black Cat

Cut out a cardboard black cat (without a tail). With a blindfold on, try to pin the tail on the cat.

8. Potions

Get outdoors and go foraging for autumn ingredients. Mix up your ingredients to make your own potions. You could pour your potions into jam/small jars. Why not label your potions too … just remember not to drink them as they might be poisonous!

9. Terrifying teatime

Make teatime frighteningly fun with some terrifying treats and spooky snacks e.g. creepy cupcakes, vegetable Frankenstein fingers to dip in scream cheese, spooky-shaped sandwiches, slimy jelly sweets, zombie-bread men, mummy-marshmallows.

10. Spooktastic stories

Choose a scary story to read at bedtime. There are lots of spooktastic stories available from Firefly Press! Go and take a peek-a-boo…

Have a fangtastic Halloween!

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