by Leonie Lock (Bookseller and Firefly Intern)

Join Lance and his friends Katja, Chet and Maksym on their spooky school trip to Crater Lake. Tense but hilarious, Jennifer truly lives up to her reputation as a fantastic author exploring complex themes of truth, friendship and bullying as the gang team up to save the day.

Strange and scary things are happening … whatever you do DON’T FALL ASLEEP.

I absolutely adored losing myself on this school trip with Lance and his friends, Jennifer’s writing is so inclusive and tangible that you become a part of the story.

To celebrate the launch of Crater Lake by Jennifer Killick, Firefly are offering a fantastic deal on upper middle-grade / teen sci-fi trilogy Lost on Mars, The Martian Girl and The Heart of Mars by Paul Magrs. All three books are £5 each, or only £11.99 for the set which you can buy here. Limited time offer.

The Lora Trilogy

Paul Magrs, author of several Doctor Who books, creates a well-defined world for settlers on Mars in this exhilarating story of survival. I’ve always been a fan of Paul’s amazing characters and I fell in love with Lora and her family immediately. From Grandma leaving behind her cybernetic leg (and the funeral that ensues) to Toaster, the family’s loyal servant and friend, this is such a vivid world and story that will leave you longing for more. And, fortunately, there’s two more to sink your teeth into. 

And here’s some other great sci-fi titles from Firefly, all just £5.00 for a limited time only…

Mo, Lottie and the Junkers

Selected for the Summer Reading Challenge 2019, this is the hilarious tale of peculiar neighbours and missing persons. Recommended by Chris Callaghan, Jennifer Killick doesn’t disappoint. Mo moves into his new stepdad’s house with his mum and has to learn to get along with his new stepsisters, Lottie and Sadie. But the new occupant of their old house, just across the road, becomes increasingly peculiar and Mo suspects that not everything is quite as it seems. Perfect for children craving mystery and giggles. Click to buy.


In a world where punishment for bad behaviour is a purge from resistance, you have to follow the rules. But what happens if you have a habit of getting into trouble? With Harrow Lake being published by Penguin Random House this summer, this is the perfect time to explore this futuristic thriller from Kat Ellis. I adored this brilliant story following Mason and Noah, thrown from very different worlds into each other’s lives. Alone, they’d both surely be purged, but together… they might just stand a chance. Click to buy.

Alien Rain 

Requested for a mission back to Earth, Bree finds herself stripping the planet of its resources and must make a huge decision between home or Earth. With gorgeous descriptions of a post-apocalyptic Cardiff, this is a must for any sci-fi fan, from author Ruth Morgan.

Click to buy. Signed copies are also available at full price (£7.99) here.

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