The Shiver Stone


By Sharon Tregenza
Published September 2014 | ISBN 9781910080085

Carys has a lot on her plate – a mystery to solve, a new friend to help, a dog to look after and her father’s girlfriend to ignore.

Risking the dangers of the sea and cliffs around her home town, watched over by the Shiver Stone, Carys and her friend Jago must face their greatest fears in this action-packed thriller.

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Praise for the book

Shortlisted for the North Somerset Teachers Book Award 2015

‘A heart-in-the-mouth adventure story, presided over by the mysterious Shiver Stone, with “the gentle swoosh and crackle of the waves” as its soundtrack.’ Sue Purkiss

‘An unusual and original novel which hooks you in from the start. Young readers will enjoy this mysterious, lyrical adventure with a dark secret at its heart.’ Steve Voake

‘Beautifully crafted, with a plot that perfectly balances family drama with mystery. The beaches of Pembrokeshire are a wonderful backdrop to adventure!’ Elen Caldecott

‘action-packed middle grade mystery … we would thoroughly recommend for late primary school readers.’ Children’s Book Chat

‘A touching story of contemporary mystery set on the myth-rich Pembrokeshire coast. Carys and Jago must grapple with secrets and tensions in their own families as they race to prevent a bitter act of vengence. Filled with summer warmth and holiday friendship and the long shadows of Welsh folklore, The Shiver Stone is a delight to read.’ Thomas Taylor

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