By Eloise Williams | Published September 2018


Lark needs a break. Her mother is ill, her little sister has stopped speaking and she’s fallen out with her best friend. When they go on holiday to the Welsh coast for autumn half term the sisters rush off to explore. But this freedom soon gets frightening. Is there a figure in the fog? What happened at the ruined house in the woods? Why does her sister keep drawing a girl in a green dress? As the storms get wilder and events get stranger, Lark must face a long-buried secret to save her family.

A chilling contemporary ghost story from the award-winning author of Gaslight, inspired by and set firmly on the Welsh shoreline.

Praise for the book

Shortlisted for the NE Book Awards 2019

Shortlisted for the Tir n’a n-Og Award 2019

September 2018 #PrimarySchoolBookClub Pick

Selected as one of Wales Arts Review’s Welsh Books for Young People – The Best of 2018

Shortlisted for the Family Bookworms Awards for Welsh Authors and Illustrators, MG Book of the Year 2018

‘It’s storycraft like this that showcases exactly why Eloise Williams deserves to be the Children’s Laureate of Wales until 2021.’ Lily and the Fae

‘Brilliant. So atmospheric, and chilling, and gripping, but with real warmth at its heart. Loved the heroine; a character of real complexity, and Eloise Williams’ writing is as shining and beautiful as the book’s title.’ Kiran Milwood-Hargrave

‘This chilling ghost story will have readers gripped from the outset. As well as the spine-tingling supernatural elements, this compelling novel contains beautifully-written descriptions of the Welsh coastline and wildlife, and also explores issues such as racism, friendship, honesty and trust.’ BookTrust

‘Drama and suspense are created beautifully but Williams also demonstrates her mastery of teenage pack mentality, dialogue and pre-occupations. … This affecting story rings true on every level and while the ending is ultimately a happy one, it is also one freighted with intense emotion.’ 5 star review, Val Randall, Books for Keeps

‘a lovely, eerie ghost story’ Eithne Farry, S magazine

‘This is a beautifully written ghost story, creepy enough to give you a chill, but not too terrifying for younger readers… The writing is very atmospheric, the descriptions of the foggy beach and the dark woodland are the perfect backdrop to this accomplished book.’ Beverley Somerset, Reading Zone

‘a brilliantly atmospheric and shiver-some ghost story which skilfully dovetails past and present whilst capturing all the confusion of being 13.’ Abi Elphinstone

‘A fascinating mystery wrapping a sensitive portrayal of adolescence as Lark is tumbled and changed by the storms and calms of growing up like the seaglass of the title.’ Celia Rees

‘What a book. Powerful and thought-provoking, with family and friendship at its core and so much to say about the importance of words and compassion. Truly exceptional.’ Amy Wilson

‘Much more than a seriously spooky and atmospheric ghost story, Seaglass is also a powerful portrait of a family in crisis, with a completely convincing teen narrator. Fantastic stuff!’ Lucy Strange

‘Seaglass is definitely a book to add to your reading list – you won’t be disappointed!’ The Book Activist

‘I adored her previous novel, Gaslight but I think Lark and Snow might have stolen my heart. 10/10 for Seaglass.’ Rhian Ivory

‘I absolutely adored this book! A proper ghost story, swirling with atmosphere and tension, all tangled in those liminal areas between land and sea, life and death, anger and sorrow and childhood and adult life. A true pleasing terror, and beautifully crafted.’ Kenilworth Books

‘A deliciously atmospheric ghost story set on the salty windswept Welsh coast.’ Fiona Noble, The Bookseller

‘wonderfully gripping, it dazzles like sea glass itself. 5 stars.’ Scott Evans, The Reader Teacher and #PrimarySchoolBookClub

‘This supernatural tale will thrill and intrigue kids until the final haunting and shocking twist is revealed at the end.’ Zoe James-Williams, South Wales Evening Post Children’s Book of the Week

‘It is a story that is as haunting as the ghosts that inhabit the book. Eerie, enthralling and totally consuming. I was completely captivated the whole way through.’ Fallen Star Stories

‘Haunting and heart-breaking in equal measures, Seaglass is a satisfyingly scary read.’ Booklover Jo

‘Seaglass is beautifully written and I am definitely looking forward to reading more of Williams’ books. A poignant and eerie read, fabulous for those who love a good ghost story!’ Through the Looking Glass

‘I highly recommend this unnerving tale of loneliness, betrayal and the bonds of family and friendship. 5 stars.’ Get Kids into Books

‘A wonderfully atmospheric ghost story.’ Claire Fayers

‘A beautifully written, roller coaster ride of a story that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.’ Lu Hersey

‘An eerie, entrancing ghost story.’ Liz Flanagan

‘Its totally absorbing characters and wild, windy landscapes had me wholly gripped.’ Family Bookworms Wales

‘Eloise Williams expertly sucks the reader in … I hoped it would never end.’ Julia Thum

‘I fell heart and soul into this chilling ghost story.’ Anna the Bookworm

Seaglass will frighten, amuse and satisfy readers who enjoy heartfelt family drama with a supernatural element. Perfect Autumn reading.’ KM Lockwood

‘An eerie, glittering ghost story set on the Welsh coast. Eloise Williams’ tale of two sisters, Lark and Snow, is wild and haunting enough to capture its audience, but perfectly pitched for its younger readers in that the scares will thrill, but not terrify. With beautiful, vivid descriptions of the seascapes and a smattering of tantalising folklore, its easy to see why Seaglass is garnering such high praise.’ Michelle Harrison

Seaglass is very successful as a young adult ghost story, vividly realised […] with an engaging narrative voice and chapters that end on solid cliffhangers.’ Thomas Tyrrell, Wales Arts Review


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