Ant Clancy Games Detective


By Ruth Morgan | Published 11 July 2019 | 9781910080993

Ray-Chay is the new virtual reality game that everyone’s playing and the world loves its eccentric billionaire creator, Kody Crunch.

Ant loves gaming and feels like the only person who can’t get into Ray-Chay. But when something goes very wrong with the game, Ant is determined to help.

Can Ant and his friends work out the real deadly game behind the game?

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Praise for the book

Shortlisted for the North Somerset Teachers’ Award 2020

‘A good book for reluctant readers, the story is easy to follow and there will be many children who can identify with the characters. It would also be a good class book to prompt discussions about gaming habits and online safety.’ Books for Topics

‘An awesome mix of gaming, detective clue-solving and virtual reality fused together in a compelling and pacy story.’ ReadItDaddy


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