The Monster Spotter’s Handbook


Written and illustrated by Matt Cherry
Published 24 June 2021 | ISBN 9781913102470

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The monster world is under threat from an evil monster catcher!

Step forward Edwin Spook, courageous hero, fearless Monster Spotter and owner of the magnificent Monster Spotter’s Handbook.

Edwin must travel across the globe to save his monster friends from certain doom, stop the dastardly Monster Catcher and discover the secret recipe for Monster Soup.

How to Draw a Slimy Monster Slug with Matt Cherry…

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Praise for the book

‘With the Bogsplotter, the frozen Yomp, an Oober Beast and mention of a snot-filled Platypus, children aged 8 upwards will not need to be persuaded read this. Our prediction – The Monster Spotter’s Handbook will be a runaway hit in your school library and one which readers may well devour in one sitting.’ The School Reading List

‘Full of brilliantly fun illustrations that intertwine with a laugh-out loud story of hijinks and adventure, The Monster Spotter’s Handbook will grab younger readers’ attention and leave them spotting monsters everywhere. Fans of Pokemon will particularly love the wide variety of crazy creatures inside the pages of this fun story.’ Scope For Imagination


Why we love it:

‘If Roald Dahl and Spike Milligan had collaborated on Monsters Inc, this would have been the result.’ Robin Bennett, editor 

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