The Monster Spotter’s Handbook (pre-order)


By Matt Cherry | Published 24 June 2021

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When the mysterious Monster Spotter’s Handbook is passed down to eleven-year-old Edwin Spook, a brain-boggling world of monsters is opened before him.

Edwin, last of the Monster Spotters, quickly discovers that the Duke, the last of the Monster Catchers, is using his clever tricks to trap four very special monsters who represent the values of the monster world: heart, knowledge, trust and soul.

Edwin rescues the trapped monsters, helps them realise their individual importance and together they unite the monster world.

How to Draw a Slimy Monster Slug with Matt Cherry…

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Praise for the book

‘If Roald Dahl and Spike Milligan had collaborated on Monsters Inc, this would have been the result.’ Robin Bennett, editor 


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