By Vanessa Harbour
Published August 2018 | ISBN 9781910080764

If Jakob sneezed, he could die.

Austria 1945. After losing his family, Jakob shelters with Herr Engel in a rural stable, where they hide the precious Lipizzanner stallions they know Hitler wants to steal. When a German officer comes looking for Jakob and finds the horses, Jakob and his guardian know they must get the stallions to safety, but the only way is straight through Nazi territory.

Joined by Kizzy, an orphan Roma girl, the three must guide the horses across the perilous Austrian mountains. Will they reach safety? What will be waiting for them on the other side?

Praise for the book

Selected for Empathy Lab’s Read for Empathy Collection 2020 | Shortlisted for the Sheffield Children’s Book Awards 2019 | Longlisted for the Branford Boase Award 2019

‘Harbour’s engaging characters, both human and equine, gripping plot and real-life inspiration make this a great ride for ages ten-plus’ Amanda Craig, New Statesman‘s Best Children’s Books of Summer 2018

‘Based on a true story readers will genuinely care about the plight of the beautiful dancing horses in this heart-stopping adventure. This is ideal for animal lovers and fans of Michael Morpurgo and Emma Carroll.’ South Wales Evening Post Children’s Book of the Week

‘This is a real adventure story, fast paced and exciting, taking a different slant from other World War II stories I have read… This will be a useful addition to any Upper Key Stage 2 class covering World War II and also a popular choice for any child who enjoys horse stories.’ Jacqueline Harris, Reading Zone

‘Gripping from the very first sentence… this is a powerful, yet delicate tale that has all the impact of a classic while still being fast-paced, incredibly incisive and compelling… The entire book is written with such texture and nuance, it is like reading a painting. Powerful, beautifully conveyed, extraordinary and thought-provoking; story-telling that will be appreciated by children and adults alike.’ Fallen Star Stories

‘An exciting and compelling read, Flight is a great adventure story. Full of tense, gripping moments, the story also speaks of compassion and companionship during a time of conflict and cruelty.’ North Somerset Teachers’ Book Award

‘An exciting addition to the war story canon.’ Charlotte Eyre, The Bookseller

‘I absolutely love this book! It’s a stunningly good adventure story with all the big heart, sharp style and fast pace of a classic children’s novel.’ Amanda Craig

‘A really gripping read that doesn’t stint on the dangers faced by Jakob, Herr Engel and Kizzy, Flight will keep you hooked till the final page.’ The Book Activist

‘A thrilling tale that captures the bravery, the danger, the sacrifice of living amongst the Nazis and trying to preserve what is good… If you like dancing horses and great storytelling, you will love Flight.’ Sophia Bennett

‘You know from the first page that you are in the hands of a great storyteller’ James Nicol

‘A powerful, page-turning, unforgettable adventure… I loved it!’ Cathy Cassidy

‘the perfect ingredients of horses, an exciting and engaging plot, believable characters and that little sprinkle of magic writing which I know will make it a huge success.’ Lucy Coats

‘This is enchanting storytelling with character at the heart, in a historic setting, with timeless values, and very much reminiscent of the classic assuredness of Morpurgo.’ Vashti Hardy

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