The Doll Twin


By Janine Beacham | Cover illustrated by Nathan Collins
Publishing 4th April 2024 | ISBN 9781915444479

Una Wexford is thrilled to be adopted after the Great War, but an eerie secret lurks in her new home; the doll twin, a life-sized, animated copy of herself. Is “Ani” as innocent as she seems, or does she want to steal Unaʼs new family – and her life?

A fantastically spooky and atmospheric seaside tale from the author of ROSE RAVENTHORPE INVESTIGATES – will have you shuddering at every creaky floorboard and hungry to solve the creepy mystery as the plot builds to a dark twist.

Praise for the book

Praise for Rose Raventhorpe Investigates:

ʻThis stunning debut by Australian author Janine Beacham is definitely one for the curious, who love stories that are a little dark and a little differentʼ Read it Daddy

ʻA sprightly told tale of murder and trickery, with a twisty plot and a cast of unlikely characters led by the smart and determined Rose Raventhorpeʼ Love Reading 4 Kids

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