Michael the Incredible Super-Sleuth Sausage Dog


By Terrie Chilvers | Illustrated by Tim Budgen
Publishing 2nd May 2024| ISBN 9781915444516

Being a su-paw-star isn’t working out quite like Michael had planned. So when Susan the Chocolate Labrador gets dognapped, Michael jumps at the chance to boost his TV ratings and wow his fans by becoming not just a mind-reading sausage dog, but a detective mastermind as well… oh, and he should probably try and save Susan from her dognappers too.


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Praise for the book

Reviews for Michael the Amazing Mind-Reading Sausage Dog:

‘A tail-waggingly fun read. You’re in for a doggie treat.’ Mo O’Hara

‘Hilarious and heartwarming. Michael’s journey to su-paw-stardom is an inspiring reminder to go after your dreams, get up when you fall, and never let a peanut-balancing chocolate labrador steal the show.’ Hannah Moffatt

‘A very punny tail about Michael, an ambitious sausage dog with stars in his eyes’ Karen Owen

‘Stuffed with terrible puns, squeaky toys, fabulous waistcoats and pork chops, this blissfully silly story for 6+ stars a sausage dog with a rare talent and big dreams of making it in Hollywoof, despite his reluctant sidekick Stanley Big Dog and his envious nemesis, Susan the peanut-balancing Labrador. A must for young canine enthusiasts with a taste for daft humour.’ Children’s and teens roundup – The Guardian 

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