Dottie Blanket and the Hilltop


By Wendy Meddour | Illustrations by Mina May
Published 16 October 2014 | ISBN 9781910080122

It’s not easy when you come from Somewhere Else. Especially when you smell of trains and fish. When Mr Blanket lost his job in the city and couldn’t find it again, it seemed like things would never get better. ‘I wish,’ said Dottie, closing her eyes and trying her hardest not to wobble, ‘that I lived on a bright green hilltop!’

Suddenly, her wish comes true! Mr Blanket gets a new job in The Middle of Nowhere. Dottie soon finds that The Hilltop is the Middle of Somewhere as she gets to meet Winnie Crisp, Tom Tractor, Blod Evans, the Rowland twins and the Fidgets. And on the Hilltop she doesn’t need wishes, because the magic happens on its own.

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Praise for the book

Selected for the Toppsta Summer Reading Guide 2017

Shortlisted for the Tir na N’og Welsh Children’s Book Award 2015

‘An amazing book’ Toppsta 

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