Hazel Hill is Gonna Win This One


By Maggie Horne | Cover illustrations by Luna Valentine
18th October 2022 | ISBN 9781913102975


Hazel’s plan for the year is simply to win the speech contest and finally beat her nemesis, Ella Quinn. That is, if Tyler Harris can go two minutes without interrupting her with some silly secret she doesn’t care about.

But when students in Hazel’s school start receiving hurtful and cruel anonymous messages, her priorities change.

Can Hazel take down the culprit?
Will anyone even believe her? After all, she’s ‘just a girl’.

Praise for the book

‘A stirring read’ BookTrust

‘Hazel Hill is someone you’re going to want to spend time with … This book celebrates the joy and solidarity of female friendships and the importance of speaking out.’ Sarah Hagger-Holt

‘Hazel is an awesome hero and I was rooting for her from the very first page.’ Tamsin Winter

‘An awesome book about an issue that impacts all of us … definitely a must-read!’ Cathy Cassidy


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