Call Me Lion (SIGNED)


By Camilla Chester | Cover illustrations by Irina Avgustinovich
Published 16th June 2022 | ISBN 9781913102890

Ten-year-old Leo dreams of performing in the West End. His love of dancing is getting him through the Luton heatwave, but his selective mutism is putting his spot in the end-of-summer dance show on the line.

When chatty Richa moves in next door, Leo finds it easy to bond with her. She talks enough for the both of them … at least to begin with. But when he learns her secret it’s clear that Richa needs Leo’s support as much as he needs hers.

With Richa’s help, will Leo be able to follow his dreams? Or will Leo’s inability to talk cost him their friendship?

A heart-warming story of courage and determination in the face of adversity, perfect for fans of Jacqueline Wilson, Lisa Thompson, Stewart Foster and Elle McNicoll.


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Praise for the book

‘A powerful, empathetic read.’ Jo Cotterill

‘A beautiful book about love and communication in all their myriad forms. So beautiful and sensitive and full of warmth.’ Zillah Bethell

‘The story to read this summer.’ A.M. Dassu

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