Eloise Williams, author

Penny Thomas, Publisher at award-winning children’s and YA publisher Firefly Press, has acquired UK and Commonwealth rights in historical MG novel Honesty and Lies by former Children’s Laureate Wales Eloise Williams, from Kate Shaw at The Shaw Agency. The news was announced live during Firefly’s first Bookseller Preview Evening last night.

Winter in London, 1601. In a city where fortunes can rise or fall in a moment, Honesty and Lies is the tale of Alice and Honesty, two 13-year-old maids serving in Elizabeth I’s court. Both are trying to survive as storytellers in their own way – one wanting attention as a performer and one trying to pass unnoticed as a spy. In such a precarious world and with assassination attempts being planned behind closed doors, their friendship will put both their lives in danger.

‘Eloise has an amazing gift for creating characters MG readers will bond with and love. I love how accessible and ambitious her writing is. Her fantastic new book brings Elizabeth I’s court to life through two teenage maids, who both have to survive in a treacherous world with no family to protect them.’ said editor Janet Thomas. ‘The way they go from strangers to friends is unforgettable. I’m so excited we’re publishing Eloise again with this extraordinary story.’

Eloise Williams said: ‘I am delighted to be publishing another book with Firefly. My huge thanks to Janet Thomas and Kate Shaw for their cheerleading, expertise and belief in Honesty and Alice. I can’t wait for readers, young and old, to walk into this Elizabethan world.’

The novel is slated for publication in autumn 2022.

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