Penny Thomas, Publisher at children’s and YA publisher Firefly Press has acquired UK English rights in multi-award-winning Welsh language novel The Blue Book of Nebo by Manon Steffan Ros, from Christopher Combemale at Sterling Lord Literistic, Inc.

A prize-winner in three categories of the 2019 Wales Book of the Year Award and Winner of the 2018 National Eisteddfod Prose Medal, The Blue Book of Nebo (Llyfr Glas Nebo) is a spellbinding and minutely observed story of Dylan and his mother who survive the year ‘The End’ comes.

Isolated in their lonely hillside home near Nebo in north Wales, with no idea what has happened to the world they knew before it was destroyed in a devastating attack, mother and son begin to confide their experiences, memories and secrets in a notebook – the Blue Book of Nebo.

What unfolds is a compelling and intimate account of what is left behind when everyday 21 st century life vanishes; and a changing relationship as Dylan grows up in a world like no other, where he must protect his small family, and still keep his own secrets.

This is a subtle and beautifully told story of survival and adolescence against an eerie and unsettling backdrop, that will speak to YA and adult readers alike,’ said Thomas. ‘We are very proud to be publishing this book, which has been adapted into English by the author.’

Manon Steffan Ros said: ‘It’s an honour to be able to work with a publishing house that I have admired since its beginnings. I’m excited about sharing The Blue Book of Nebo with a new audience, and am delighted that it has found a new home with Firefly.’

The Blue Book of Nebo has so far sold in eight territories, including France, Spain, Poland, Egypt and the US. It will be publishing in the UK in PB in January 2022.

Manon Steffan Ros
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