YALC (Young Adult Literature Convention) has fast become a popular event bringing together fantastic authors, publishers and readers for two packed days of YA events, writing workshops, book signings, book-themed activities and more!

WORKSHOP: Lie or Die with A.J. Clack (approx 1 hour) Saturday 16th November 2024

Join author A.J. Clack for a live game of Lie or Die (similar to Mafia/Werewolf) influenced by her debut YA thriller Lie or Die. Perfect for fans of The Traitors!


Players must identify and eliminate both Agents before the Agents eliminate all Players in order to deactivate the Ticking Time Bomb. 


Players – Players must uncover the Agents hidden among them, accuse and vote them out.

Agents – Disguised as Players, the Agents must work together to eliminate Players.

Detective – A Player with special abilities. They have the power to find out the status of one contestant of their choosing each round.

Do YOU have what it takes to survive? 

PANEL: Intense Intent (approx 45 mins) Saturday 16th November 2024

The thriller genre is ever popular and continues to send chills down the spines of readers as they attempt to unravel the mysteries of these amazing books. Join our authors to hear about how they go about their writing and see if ‘who done it’ is always the same person as they thought it would be when they started writing the book. 

A.J. Clack, Holly Jackson, Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Kayvion Lewis (Chair) 

PANEL: Queer Folklore Stories (approx 45 mins) Sunday 17th November 2024

We celebrate books which were written with inspiration taken from traditional tales and incorporate a LGBQT+ twist.  

Bea Fitzgerald, Lex Croucher, Radhika Sanghani (Chair), Zeena Gosrani

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