Happy St. David’s Day! Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus!

To celebrate St Davidʼs Day, we’re revealing the cover of our brand new childrenʼs poetry anthology of ʻdragon-focusedʼ poems, conceived and edited by the National Poet of Wales, Hanan Issa, with a wonderful ‘dragonʼ cover from Eric Heyman. The anthology features some 29 poems by 26 poets from across Wales. Ac Rwy’n Clywed Dreigiau/ And I Hear Dragons will be published in English and bilingually in Welsh and English on May 30th.

A ground-breaking new anthology from diverse Welsh writers aimed at children aged between eight and twelve.

And I Hear Dragons explores the concept of identity, and Hanan has written a poem of the same name that ʻcelebrates the children of Wales as ferociously brave mythical beastsʼ, taking on discrimination, pollution and more, and upholding Walesʼ tradition of croesawgar (welcoming).

ISBN 9781915444578 | Paperback | RRP £7.99

Participating poets include Wales Childrenʼs Laureate Alex Wharton, Iestyn Tyne, Nia Morais, Grug Muse, Sophie Anderson, Mari Ellis Dunning, Emma Smith Barton, Jaffrin, Marvin Thompson and many more…

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