The Shadow Order (SIGNED COPY)


By Rebecca F. John | Cover design by Anne Glenn
Published 15th September 2022 | ISBN 9781913102951

Limited copies signed by Rebecca F. John
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A thrilling middle-grade adventure from Costa-award shortlisted author Rebecca F. John.

One year on from the day the shadows shifted – showing people their truest selves instead of just their shapes – best friends Teddy, Betsy and Effie plan to risk all and watch the winter sun rise over Copperwell, in defiance of the Shadow Order. But from their hidden vantage point the three shocked friends witness a mysterious woman shouting a dire warning, before being arrested, beaten, and dragged away in handcuffs.

The event leads them on an extraordinary series of dangerous adventures to save their city as they begin to learn the truth about the Shadow Order, the world surrounding Copperwell, and themselves.

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Praise for the book

‘A thrilling, richly imagined adventure!’ Claire Fayers

‘I LOVED it! Tender and funny, dark and glorious. An empowering story.’ Liz Hyder

‘In equal measure impressive, rich, characterful, foreboding and heartening.’ E.M. Watson

‘Really loved it. It resonates in the days after. An immediate, exciting and engaging fantasy thriller with the most inventive premise. Historical fantasy for fans of Eloise Williams and Ruth Morgan.’ Simon Fisher, Family Bookworms

‘…it is a tale of friendship and loyalty, a coming of age story in which the three protagonists find their talents and the courage and freedom to be their true selves… This is a thoroughly enjoyable, thought provoking novel with memorable, hugely appealing characters. A great read!’ Rosie, school librarian


Why we love it:

‘Rebecca is a stunning prose writer with a strong vision and masterfully drawn characters. This absorbing winter adventure through the labyrinthine streets of Copperwell, the forests around it and the stars above brings us closer to the world around us and to our truest selves.’ Penny Thomas, editor.

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