Strange Tales


By Daniel Morden | Cover design by Anne Glenn
Publishing 28th September 2023 | ISBN 9781915444172

Gift Edition Hardback

**Pre-orders will be dispatched mid September 2023**

A boy who cannot feel fear… A girl pursued by a ghostly figure… Two sisters turned into beasts… A wild party where all the guests are skeletons… These extraordinary stories from long ago have been shaped over a lifetime of performance in schools, festivals and theatres by master storyteller, Daniel Morden into thrilling adventures, brimming with mystery and magic.

To open these pages is to journey into a strange world where invisible beings move among us; animals speak, and luck, spells and fortune are never to be treated lightly!

Praise for the book

“Morden crafts an enchanting labyrinth of tales that feel ancient and timeless both. Each artfully written story feels beautifully balanced, with language both evocative and restrained. A stunning addition to any bookcase.” Gabriela Houston

“A collection of tales like no other, with stories so wickedly funny and deliciously dark, I found myself longing for more of the magic captured within the pages, which prompted another read-through, and then another. From cunning spellcasters, glittering moon queens, and vengeful fairies, I was captivated by each of their lives and the worlds they inhabited. The masterful storytelling weaves a spell that seizes your imagination, making each story an unforgettable journey into realms beyond your wildest dreams.” Damaris Young

“A superb collection of magical, funny, darkly weird tales. I loved it! Daniel Morden is a sorcerer who will cast a spell on you with the power of these sparkling stories; your hands will stick to the book and you won’t be able to stop reading.”  Catherine Fisher

“So find yourself a fireside chair, steel yourself for some dark reading and prepare to be unsettled. They’re not called Strange Tales for nothing.” Jon Gower

“Weird and wonderful. A glorious celebration of everything strange. I absolutely loved them!” Eloise Williams 

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