Monster Max BUNDLE

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By Robin Bennett, illustrations by Tom Tinn-Disbury | Special BUNDLE of the three books in the Monster Max collection.

Bundle includes bookmarks and button badges while stocks last.

Monster Max and the Bobble Hat of Forgetting 

First book in the hilarious Monster Max series


Max is an unusual 9-year-old. He can turn himself into a huge, bin- eating monster by BURPING. Being a monster is brilliant, unless he sneezes (which turns him back) and he finds himself far from home in just his pants.

Max decides to be more responsible and ‘protect and do good stuff’, starting with catching a local vandal. But his nemesis, Peregrine, is convinced Max is the vandal, and invents his POOP (Portable Operating Omni Prison) machine to trap him. If Peregrine can prove the truth, Max and his mother could be put in a zoo … or worse. Max will have to use his wits as well as his strength to catch the real culprit, before Peregrine can catch him…

Monster Max and the Marmalade Ghost

Second book in the hilarious Monster Max series

Max is an ordinary boy, except that he can turn into a monster when he burps…

Max and Peregrine are volunteering at an old people’s home, when strange things start to happen. One resident is walking on the ceiling, one is riding their wheelchair through walls, and Reggie says his marmalade is haunted (no one listens). Can Max and his friends work out what’s happening to protect his family and the local community?

Things aren’t looking good: the Marmalade Ghost is turning into a sticky Godzilla, Max falls out with his (joint) best friend, and then just when it can’t get any worse, someone kidnaps Max’s cat, Frankenstein…

Time to ‘Protect and Do Good Stuff!’

Monster Max: This Time Its Sirius

Third book in the hilarious Monster Max series

This is Max.
He can turn into a huge monster just by BURPING.
He wants to be a good monster by Protecting and Doing Good Stuff.

When Max and his best friend Peregrine realise that a dangerous pack of wolves from Max’s home country of Krit are closing in, Peregrine sets about building a fortified treehouse to keep them safe. But Max is distracted and doesn’t want to help. He hasn’t told anyone about the tiny orphaned wolf cub he found, smuggled home with him, and decided to keep…

Praise for the book

Praise for Monster Max and the Bobble Hat of Forgetting

‘This is a monsterific romp of a read that had me howling with laughter. Max is a loveable hero and Frankenstein the cat deserves his own series quite frankly! Monster Max and the Bobble Hat of Forgetting is an unforgettable, hugely funny read.’ Swapna Haddow, author of Dave Pigeon

‘I had a fab time reading this! It’s fabulously silly fun – gloriously anarchic and monstrously funny! I loved the reluctant developing friendship between the boys as well. Very nicely done! Kids will love it … although it was right up my street too!’ Simon James Green, author of Noah Can’t Even and Llama Glamarama

‘Bonkers from start to finish. And I mean that in a GOOD way.’ Philip Ardagh, author of The Grunts series

‘I really enjoyed Monster Max & the Bobble Hat of Forgetting, a funnily monstrous & monstrously funny adventure.’ Gareth P Jones, author of Dragon Detectives series

‘Monster Max and the Bobble Hat of Forgetting has mystery, adventure, and is very, very funny. Beautiful illustrations capture the warmth of a story that many will curl up and devour in an afternoon.’ BookTrust

‘This book is HILARIOUS! … full of action, drama and a hefty amount of monster-sized heart … I didn’t stop laughing from start to finish in this brilliant, madcap adventure. Attention grabbing, heart-warming and completely bonkers!’ Mary Esther Judy, Fallen Star Stories


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