Little Horror


By Daniel Peak
Published 30th September 2021 | ISBN 9781913102517

‘Fast paced and funny, this original adventure is my 9 year old daughter’s favourite new book!’ Lee Mack

Rita may be a baby, but she has the mind (and attitude) of a teenager. She may be new to walking but she’s as wise-crackingly clever as anyone in Key Stage 3. She knows she is not a normal toddler but when her parents disappear and a sinister clown and an ice-cream van seem to be hunting her down, even a soft-play centre might not be safe… Imagine The Fugitive – if Harrison Ford was two feet tall and wearing Pampers.

It will take all Rita’s cunning and resourcefulness, as well as a cat flap, a mobility scooter and a reluctant teenage sidekick, to defeat an evil conspiracy and a crazy genius villain.


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Praise for the book

‘A gloriously daft toddler odyssey, with an unforgettable protagonist, a bone-dry comic voice, and a memorable escape on a mobility scooter.’ Imogen Russell Williams, The Guardian

‘Hilarious and thrilling. Best comedy thriller for kids I’ve ever read.’ Ben Ward, Head writer of CBBC’s Danger Mouse and Horrible Histories

‘Reminiscent of Boss Baby, Rita’s story hooked me from the very start. Little Horror is an original, funny, fast-paced adventure that kids will love.’ Jen Carney, author of The Accidental Diary of B.U.G.

‘A fabulous story, beautifully and simply told.’ Jamie Rix, children’s author and BAFTA winning TV writer/producer

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