Keeper of Secrets (SIGNED)


By Sarah J Dodd | Cover illustrations by Becky Thorns
Published 2nd September 2021 | ISBN 9781913102456

Limited copies signed by Sarah J Dodd

Eleven-year-old Emily doesn’t think Badger Cottage – where she’s had to move with her vet father after her mum died – will ever be home. But there is something out there that needs her; a bright pair of eyes in the darkness.

In the middle of a fierce battle between a conservation project to rewild the lynx in the woods and the local farmers, Emily tries to shield a baby lynx she calls Lotta, afraid it will be killed by the person who killed its mother. Can Emily work out who the illegal hunter is in time? Who can she trust?


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Praise for the book

‘A story of loss and loneliness, and finding new friends and hope in the bleak of winter – and of wild things that change everything. I loved it!’ Amy Wilson, author of A Girl Called Owl, A Far Away Magic and Snowglobe

‘An emotive, heart-warming tale of friendship, courage and conservation. I loved it.’ Hannah Gold

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