Flame Chasers


By Julie Pike | Cover illustrated by David Dean
Publishing 6th June 2024 | ISBN 9781915444554

All Ember wants is to fly with the golden flamebirds who stop every year at Bright Beacon before heading west across the seas to their mysterious home. Their fiery arrival is also the signal for the waiting Flame Chasers in theharbour below to get ready to follow the birds, whose glowing tail feathers grant the finder a wish. But when Pa tells Ember he is chasing without her, she is devastated. Can she find a ship and captain to help her find her father, and the flamebirds secret home?

Praise for the book

Praise for The Last Spellbreather:

ʻThe writing itself crackles with energy and bursts of light on a strange, fascinating world.ʼ KM Lockwood

ʻItʼs really rare for childrenʼs fiction be this good … Julie Pike is setting herself up for big things in the future. There wasnʼt a thing about this book I didn’t like.ʼ The Bookbag

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