Daydreams and Jellybeans


By Alex Wharton | Illustrations by Katy Riddell
Published January 2021 | ISBN 9781913102432

‘A lovely collection of playful poetry and beautiful verse.’ Joseph Coelho, Waterstones Children’s Laureate

From forgotten jellybeans to sparking daydreams, Alex’s poems, written for primary school age children, are both funny and thoughtful, and aim to spark familiarity and inclusion. And the illustrations from Katy Riddell focus on the fun and dreamlike quality of the poems’ engagement with the natural world. These poems use rhyme, rhythm and free verse and are ideally suited to performance in a school setting, nurturing a love of language, reading, confidence and self-expression.

Edited by TS Eliot prizewinner Philip Gross

Praise for the book

‘This is a lovely, warm collection of poems that hail from a place of wonder and mystery.’ Joshua Seigal

‘Alex Wharton’s wide-ranging poems about both the natural and human world, filled with keen observation, thoughtfulness and vivid bouncing rhythms, are wonderfully partnered with Katy Riddell’s perfect illustrations which breathe extra life into every page.’ AF Harrold

‘Daydreams and Jellybeans reveals a world rich with nature, colour and warmth. Words and images combine to create an assured and confident debut collection that will be enjoyed by children and adults alike.’ Matt Goodfellow

‘A lovely collection of playful poetry and beautiful verse’ Joseph Coelho 

‘Fun, imagination and wonder lie in store for children in Daydreams and Jellybeans by Alex Wharton. This short collection of poems captures the perspective of a curious child who sees magic and mystery everywhere, from the white lines that seem to appear on the road overnight to the clouds in the sky. These playful poems, with charming illustrations from Katy Riddell, make an enchanting read to share together as a family.’ Sarah Mallon, The Scottsman

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