Thimble Holiday Havoc


By Jon Blake | Illustrations by Martin Chatterton
Published 9 November 1017 | ISBN 9781910080665

Sequel to Thimble Monkey Superstar

Jams lives with his mum, dad and his best friend Thimble, a hugely clever monkey who isn’t Dad’s biggest fan. (Don’t tell anyone what Thimble did with the superglue…) When Mum organises a house-swap holiday to France, what can possibly go wrong? Then Thimble, Jams and Dad find the keys to a speedboat, a drill and a makeshift burglar outfit…

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Praise for the book

Shortlisted for the Sully Diversity Book Awards 2019

‘Hilarious! Another great book from a great author and illustrator team.’ Tony Bradman

‘Written in short episodic chapters full of the off-the-wall, wacky humour that children just love. Witty one liners, plays on words, cringeworthy incidents, ludicrous situations and comical misunderstanding will have readers laughing out loud at the silliness of it all.’ Carousel

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