The Myriad Mysteries of Eartha Quicksmith (SIGNED BOOKPLATE)


by Loris Owen | Published 7th July 2022 | 9781913102876

Welcome back to Quicksmiths College of Strange Energy, where Kip and his friends must take a rollercoaster journey through time and space to uncover amazing new secrets and defeat old enemies.

With the Ark of Ideas resisting even Professor Steampunk’s attempts to learn its secrets, the team is at a loss as to how to fulfil the mission set by renaissance genius Eartha Quicksmith. But then a dream discovery and a freak accident sends Kip and Timmi hurtling on a dangerous quest through impossible worlds. Can they escape the Myriad Pirates, and can Leela and Albert help them unravel Eartha’s new riddles and find their way safely home again?

Full of adventure, invention, teamwork and a large helping of sideways thinking, this is an action-packed sequel to the first book in the series.


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