Tapper Watson and the Quest for the Nemo Machine (SIGNED COPIES)


By Claire Fayers | Cover illustrations by Becka Moor
Publishing 7th September 2023 | ISBN 9781915444158

Each order comes with a set of fun story postcards with writing prompts to get your imaginations flying. Write your own secret messages, get ready for your first voyage and prepare for danger!


Tapper Watson is just an ordinary Erisean boy who loves adventure stories. But when one of his sixty-seven cousins sends him away on a smugglers’ submarine through the River Lethe to other worlds, he just wants to go home again.

On an unscheduled visit to Earth he meets Fern Shakespeare and a talking plant called Morse, and their adventures begin. But chased through worlds by a pair of trigger-happy lobster mobsters in search of the mysterious Nemo Machine, Tapper begins to realise that he might not be so ordinary after all…


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