Libby and the Parisian Puzzle


By Jo Clarke | Cover illustrations & design by Becka Moor
Published 3rd March 2022 | ISBN 9781913102708

‘A delightfully fast-paced, intricately-plotted story full of adventure and cakes! It kept me guessing till the end. I LOVED it!’ – Emma Carroll

Mystery-lover Libby is excited but nervous when she’s sent to join her aunt Agatha’s extraordinary travelling school in Paris. Just when she is starting to find her feet Aunt Agatha is arrested, accused of a daring jewel robbery. Can Libby and her new best friend Connie find the real thief in time to save her aunt?

Praise for the book

‘Delightful! A thoroughly entertaining mystery that will leave you longing for hot chocolate and croissants in a Parisian café.’ – Katherine Woodfine

‘A fun, fast-paced mystery for sleuths of all ages!’ – Clare Povey

‘Perfect for enquiring younger readers, Libby and the Parisian Puzzle neatly treads the tightrope between joyous mystery and risk taking adventure. A delight. Funny, bright, cheery, and deliciously packed with patisserie.’ – Fleur Hitchcock


Why we love it:

‘Libby is everything a reader wants in a detective: brilliant at solving puzzles, brave and loyal. Jo has given her a genuinely satisfying mystery to solve, packed with vivid characters, perfect for Becka Moor to illustrate. And who wouldn’t love to go to a school that travels the world?!’ – Janet Thomas, editor

4 reviews for Libby and the Parisian Puzzle

  1. Kim Duffy

    What a sleuthing adventure! Absolutely adored the characters of Libby and Connie and their uncovering of the mystery in the streets of Paris. The setting was well-evoked and reading this had me craving macarons, hot chocolates and the Paris skyline. Like following a trail of breadcrumbs, or can we make those macaron crumbs, this mystery was brilliantly fun to expose the true culprit of the crime. With sprinklings of humour, and a solid sense of truth and friendship at it’s heart, I can’t wait for more books in the series!

  2. Kristen Hopwood

    Libby and the Parisian Puzzle is a brilliant detective story for budding sleuths who like to think there’s a mystery wherever they go.
    Libby is an observant girl who loves reading mystery stories. She normally goes travelling with her mum for her work, but this time she is going to stay with her Aunt Agatha in Paris instead. Aunt Agatha runs a ‘travelling school’ that changes location every term. Libby is apprehensive as she has never been to school before and her trip doesn’t get off to the best start when she arrives in Paris and Aunt Agatha isn’t at the train station to meet her. However, Libby bumps into Miss Browne, who happens to be a teacher at her aunt’s school. Libby soon makes friends with Connie who is also new at the school and they soon find themselves wondering if there is a mystery to solve after all.
    The chapters are short and snappy, making it an ideal introduction to chapter books. The book is full of humour and packed with action, as well as plenty of clues to spot along with Libby. I can’t wait to solve another mystery with Libby!

  3. Bronnie Mayho

    Step aboard the express to Paris with Libby as she travels to her Aunt Agatha’s Travelling School. Although she’s not journeying to Ecuador with her mother on this occasion, Libby’s uncertainty evaporates quickly. Not only are there people to watch on the journey, including a passenger with a suspiciously clutched red suitcase, but then there’s the school ahead. What’s more, there’s Paris in all its glory, to share with new friends! Yet can macarons and board games, a new language and outings dim Libby’s awareness of stories that don’t add up, suspicious sightings and the arrival of the gendarmerie at the school? Jo Clarke’s debut is like the perfect cup of hot chocolate. We recommend this wonderful book highly !

  4. Liam James

    I really enjoyed this, the first travelling schools mystery. The characters were fun, with a great relationship between Libby and Connie that felt lively and realistic. The mystery is one of the strongest parts of this book, and it totally drew me in with all the shiny jewels and mysterious people meeting all over Paris. Once the pieces began to fall into place, I was still gripped, wondering how it was all going to play out. The sense of place is also really strong, drawing on a wide range of Parisian sites, food and landmarks to really give the feeling that the city is an important character in the story. I’m interested in seeing how this is continued in future books in the series. Oh, and the whole thing left me absolutely craving pastries!

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