Bigfoot Island


By Rod O’Grady
Publishing 20th April 2023 | ISBN 9781915444097

On Bigfoot Mountain:
‘The book explores family, friendship, dealing with loss and the importance of protecting the environment. This will sweep you away to the mountains for a wild adventure.’
The Week Junior Book of the Week 

When Minnie spots a white boat bringing strangers to the cove below her cabin, she fears the hard-won peace of her tiny community at the foot of Bigfoot Mountain will be shattered. Kaayii too has to deal with an intruder on the mountain and, injured, needs to reach his family across the water.

The two inhabit separate worlds but must find a way to work together to avoid disaster and protect the people and places they hold dear.


Praise for the book

‘A beautiful and engrossing tale of a mighty child, a magnificent forest and the mysteries which bind us all in the best ways – this is a rich and powerful book, a real triumph of love, wisdom and storytelling.’ Horatio Clare

Bigfoot Mountain transports readers into the heart of the forest and allows them to see the wild from the perspective of the beings who know it best. A skilful interweaving of modern family relationships and wilderness adventure.’ Nicola Davies 

‘An innovative and moving story, filled with wonderful descriptions of the West Coast wilderness.’ Tyler Keevil

‘A compelling story of courage, protecting nature and finding your way. Minnie and Kaayii are both young, curious and brave in their own worlds. I adored this story and found it enchanting and full of hope. I loved the parallels to the story as well as the way they intertwined and became one.’ Erin Hamilton, librarian

‘This is a wonderful story with so many threads skilfully woven together and wrapped beautifully in love and connection.’ Casey @fly276, book blogger

‘What a beautiful book! A story of courage, healing, protecting the natural world and incredible adventure, this book has everything you want.’ Fallen Star Stories

‘Bigfoot Mountain is a thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying read.’ Just Imagine


‘A great read, so different from the usual magical/witchy/school-based adventure stuff out there at the moment. The kids’ dialogue was really great, but more so the adults talking to the kids, I think [Roderick] really had that nailed. Not least because [he] really took the trope of having a dead parent and used it in a new way. So many stories have that involved just to give the reader a way to sympathise with the character, but here it felt like a much more honest exploration of her relationship with Dan, rather than her lack of one with her mother. I thought it was a really unique narrative device too, bringing together the two storylines, and was very satisfyingly done. This, along with the heavy and really well-written focus on the nature and feeling of the setting really gave it such a sincere, charming feeling of life. Can’t wait for the sequel!’ Joshua King, bookseller


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