Asking for a Friend


By Kate Mallinder
Published 4 June 2020 | ISBN 9781913102296

A feel-good friendship story from the author of Summer of No Regrets – three friends tackle loneliness, fear of illness, and social media bullying, in a character-driven story about valuing the friends who value you.

Agnes, Hattie and Jake travel on the school bus together, but don’t know each other well.

They plan a week in Weston, as a ‘study break’ before exams, but none of them admit the real reasons they need to get away.

Agnes must find her sister. Hattie can’t bear being home now all her friends have ghosted her. And Jake is afraid he’s ill and has absolutely no idea how to tell anyone.

In one amazing week, they’ll risk their lives, face their fears and find themselves.


Watch Kate read Chapter 2 here  | Watch Kate read Chapter 3 here

Praise for the book

‘a feel-good adventure that reinforces how friendship can be a source of strength in the face of intimidation — from others and from within.’ Sally Morris, Daily Mail

‘This touching novel is sensitively written and explores a number of issues, such as loneliness, bullying, illness and loyalty with honesty, warmth and humour.’ BookTrust

‘A joyful, heartwarming story about unlikely friendships and the importance of being kind. I loved it.’ Katy Birchall 

‘This was my perfect bank holiday read … A touching and immensely satisfying ⁦story about finding true friendship.’ Sue Wallman 

‘Kate really is a master of friendships … her books are like little pockets of comfort. It’s so nice to just read and feel good for a little while.’ Yasmin Rahman


Praise for Summer of No Regrets:

Shortlisted for the Bristol Teen Book Award 2020

‘Books about female friendship are my favourite and Summer of No Regrets is a warm and sunny one. I loved how the girls supported each other through their individual – very different – challenges. A perfect summer read to share with your best friends.’ Keris Stainton

‘Summer of no Regrets is a complete page turner. Perfect for Jacqueline Wilson fans, it is a summer story about female friendship, growing up and being brave. I loved spending summer with the gang!’ Jenny McLachlan

‘A wonderful summery, happy-ending story about friendship. I raced though it.’ Perdita Cargill

‘a great uplifting story, perfect for teen readers’ AM Dassu

‘Highly recommended, this is one to dive into for the summer.’ Fallen Star Stories

‘Summer of No Regrets was a tale of friendship, bravery and hope. I read it in a single day! It’s full of fun and laughs with just the right dose of reality. A quick summer read I recommend to every teenager or those with a teenager’s heart!’ Midnight Book Girl

2 reviews for Asking for a Friend

  1. Wendy Freer (verified owner)

    Asking for a Friend, Kate Mallinder. Reviewed by Wendy Freer

    This is a story about young people in their mid teens and that is the readership it is aimed at, but it will be enjoyed by adults of any age, especially if they are interested in young people and what makes them tick. Kate has a wonderful insight into how young teens think, feel and behave and she knows all the jargon! She is also a skilful plot writer. The story really draws you in and makes you want to read on. I love the way each of the three main characters take turns to write in the first person so that you really get to see things from their different points of view and learn how they think and feel about things. They all have “issues” when they go away together to Weston Supermare for a week and I just had to keep reading to the end to see how they would be resolved. I really recommend this book. Kate did a great job with her first novel “Summer of No Regrets” and, if anything, this is even better, particularly as it tackles some difficult issues in a sensitive and thoughtful way.

  2. Lucie Paddison

    My 13 year old daughter thoroughly enjoyed reading this! She was ready for something slightly more mature than her usual reads and this appealed with its older protagonists and the issues of friendships amongst teens that it explores. She said she loved getting to know the three main characters better in their individual chapters and that it gave her lots of things to think about. This book was a great starting point for her into YA fiction and comes highly recommended by her!

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