Wilde (signed copy)


By Eloise Williams Children’s Laureate Wales 2019-2021 | 9781913102180 | SIGNED BY AUTHOR 

Can she break the curse of the witch called Winter?

Being different can be dangerous. Wilde is afraid strange things happen around her. Are the birds following her? Moving to live with her aunt seems to make it worse. Wilde is desperate to fit in at her new school. But In a fierce heatwave, in rehearsals for a school play telling the local legend of a witch called Winter, ‘The Witch’ starts leaving pupils frightening curse letters. Can Wilde find out who’s doing it before everyone blames her? Or will she always be the outsider? Buy the book today and find out!



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Praise for the book

‘A bubbling cauldron of mystical tension.’ Daily Mail’s Best Summer Children’s Reads 2020

‘Hypnotic and original use of language brings Wilde’s world vividly to life and instantly transports you to the extreme heat of a midsummer drought and all the bad-tempered imaginings that might come with it. This is a story of suspicion and superstition, of bullying and friendship, and of fear of the unknown. But mainly it’s a story about being weird and different and how both of those things can not only be good – they might actually make you who you are meant to be.’ BookTrust

‘Intense, brooding, and atmospheric this is a beautifully told story of friendship and betrayal.’ 4 stars, Books for Keeps

‘An enchanting and enthralling story about the magic created by the blend of belonging and individuality.’ 5 stars, ReadingZone

‘written with an obvious love of old legends, the sense of place in the book is palpable and Wilde is a delightful lead character – well drawn and thoroughly engaging.’ Tricia Adams, Lovereading4schools Book of the Month

‘KS2 children will devour Wilde, and it’s also a great transition book for year 6. If the goal is to get children reading for pleasure, then they won’t find more pleasure in many other books than Wilde.’ Roy James, Just Imagine

‘I loved this contemporary adventure of witches, curses, identity and belonging, from Wales’ children’s laureate.’ Fiona Noble, The Bookselle

A spookily good adventure that will hold children spellbound. Bewitching.’ Children’s Book of the Week, South Wales Evening Post

‘Completely gripped by Wilde’s fight to find acceptance and friendship, from within herself as well as from others. Full of courage and kindness, and rich with the power of nature, loved it.’ Amy Wilson

‘Packed with chills and thrills, but is also full of heart. I loved it!’ Kat Ellis

‘Short, snappy, mysterious and moving – lovely Y6 book.’ Ashley Booth/@MrBoothY6

‘Thrilling throughout … her best yet.’ Scott Evans, the Reader Teacher 

‘A TRULY BRAVE AND BEAUTIFUL BOOK! … Utterly beguiling.’ Zillah Bethel

‘I LOVED Wilde! A wonderful, witchy tale of one girl’s struggle to fit in. I loved the contemporary setting and Wilde’s hilarious friend Dorcas.’ Lisa Thompson

‘Absolutely LOVE Wilde! Teen angst about fitting in and finding your place is expertly woven into a stunning plot with intriguing characters. Gorgeous setting with an Auntie everyone wishes she had, Eloise manages to take the ‘witch trial’ issue and bring it into modern day, addressing bullying and self-worth in a subtle, positive way. Really clever links to literacy gems such as Mrs Danvers and Welsh legends like Tom Jones make it an enjoyable, captivating read for anyone aged 10+.’ Bethannia Nansi


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