Lori and Max and the Book Thieves (signed copy)


By Catherine O’Flynn | Published 8th October 2020

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A stolen phone and an unruly dog; a buried lunchbox and an antique children’s book. Lori and Max must dig through layers of lies to solve two mysteries.

Second in the Lori and Max detective series.

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Praise for the book

The Times Children’s Book of the Week

‘This is the second in a fabulous, clever, funny series about girl detectives Lori and Max from the talented novelist Catherine O’Flynn (What Was Lost). The good news is it’s even wittier than the first, with dialogue that dances … Lori is a highly original narrator and Flynn is unafraid of dealing with knife crime and neglect in a book that still manages to be light on its feet and suitable for 8 to 12-year-olds. No small feat.’ Alex O’Connell, The Times

‘… packed full of twists and turns. Yet again Catherine has created a story filled with drama and tension, I completely devoured it in one sitting. In this newest mystery we will discover, a stolen phone and an unruly dog; a buried lunchbox and an antique children’s book. It’s up to Lori and Max must dig through layers of lies to solve not one but two mysteries as they seek to right wrongs and return stolen items to their rightful owners. Another compelling and thoughtful tale that is bound to delight mystery lovers.’ Jo Clarke, @bookloverjo 

‘Full of warmth and humour, this is the second tale in the engaging Lori and Max series, which features a cast of colourful characters, such as Lori’s eccentric nan, who wears crazy hats and scours car boot sales in search of priceless antiquities. Although the book explores some challenging personal circumstances, such as bereavement, depression and neglect, the tone is light-hearted and uplifting.’ BookTrust 

‘O’Flynn is an expert, practised artist … This story is studded, like glistening jewels, with observations, asides, snatches of dialogue and insights … which deal with emotions of great depth and complexity…’ Laurence Inman, The School Reading List

‘The loveable, slightly odd detective duo are back doing what they do best in a read that is fast-paced, full of excitement and with no shortage of mysteries … It is full of everything a good detective read should be with secret spy missions, undercover detective work, interrogations, magnifying glasses, a tape recorder, a camera, and the hope of one day owning some night vision goggles.’ Matthew Wilson, NetGalley

‘Lori and Max are very different but thoroughly engaging characters whose friendship drives the narrative and intensifies the message that it is okay to be yourself and to have interests that differ from those of your peers. There is adventure, mystery, humour and a clear sense of social justice in this novel.’ Rosie Basmore, librarian

‘This is intelligent, top-quality story-telling and writing and highly recommended.’ Andrea Reece, LoveReading4Kids


‘A wittily told detective story about two eccentric and endearing girls – it’s a real page-turner.’ Jacqueline Wilson

‘This thrilling, funny, perceptive detective story is in a class of its own.’ The Times Children’s Book of the Week

‘Classic mystery mixes with contemporary themes … pacy, gripping story.’ The Guardian

‘The classic detective story gets a modern twist.’ Sara Keating, The Irish Times

‘Absolutely wonderful’ Nina Stibbe

1 review for Lori and Max and the Book Thieves (signed copy)

  1. Vandana

    A brilliant cozy mystery that was well written and came to a satisfactory end. I loved the main characters and the dual narrative. The plot was a fantastically weaved mystery. It was unpredictable and fun. We got to see all of the characters flaws and strengths which made them pretty well-rounded. The epilogue finished things off neatly by telling us what happened next to the characters. It was a great read an I would definitely recommend it.

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