Alien Rain


By Ruth Morgan | Published April 2016

She came on a mission. She is trained to fight. But what Bree really needs to do is listen…

Bree is an ordinary teenage girl living in a Martian city where everyone dreams of going back to Earth. Struggling in school, she is amazed when she is chosen for a mission to Earth, a rare honour usually only for the highest achieving pupils. Why has she been picked?

There are terrible shocks ahead. The missions are not to reclaim Earth but to strip it of its resources. The Earth has been lost — the last war created ruthless genetic weapons that have overpowered their creators. Always under attack, in the ruins of Cardiff, as she becomes fascinated by the wildlife and the secrets in the museum, Bree finds more and more proof that she can’t trust anyone. When she starts getting strange messages from a voice only she can hear, whose side is she really on? Home or Earth?

Praise for the book

Shortlisted for the Tir na n’Og Award 2017 | Shortlisted for the North Somerset Teacher’s Book Award 2016

Alien Rain is an incredibly gripping adventure thriller that 10+ year olds will devour…. Fans of Sally Gardner’s Maggot Moon will love this debut novel.’ Lovereading4kids

Alien Rain is a cheerful, brisk-paced romp. There’s affection for Cardiff infused in the pages, and special adoration for Cardiff Museum. Bree is a likeable enough heroine, struggling with imposter syndrome and a sense of not fitting in – the latter, perhaps, a universal quality of teen-age. What takes the story beyond your run-of-the-mill YA novel is that it toys with several story directions. It starts out as utopian science fiction, moves through space travel, arrives at postapocalyptic scifi, and then plays with the creepy horror of ghost stories and creature feature tension.’ Bastian Balthasar Books

‘There are stunning descriptions of Cardiff, written by someone who really knows it well and has the skills to re-imagine it as a post-apocalyptic world. Ruth Morgan brings beauty to dystopia and it feels extraordinary. Plus, it’ll open your eyes to the everyday loveliness of our planet, something I was all too happy to be reminded of…. It’s a more than slightly addictive page turner, that will take you through a range of events and emotional responses…. Alien Rain champions the importance of being yourself and recognising the power of all your talents, not just using the measure of academic results. I also loved the closeness depicted in the book between science and the arts, which are linked by the common goal of discovery. It sends a good message to young readers.’ Books-a-Go-Go

‘This is a well-crafted, pacey novel that reminds us to appreciate the beauty of our planet and to value it! …With strong characters and a compelling plot, Alien Rain is an excellent young teen read which keeps the reader engaged and questioning to the last page. I look forward to the next novel by Ruth Morgan.’ North Somerset Teacher’s Book Award 2016


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