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Shoo Rayner

Shoo began his career as an illustrator in a garden shed near Machynlleth. He drew for Michael Morpurgo and Rose Impey, but editors kept encouraging him to write. 
Many years, and over 175 books later, Shoo, well known for his many fast-paced stories, has been building a worldwide following for his award-winning 'How to draw' videos for YouTube.
Shoo lives in the Forest of Dean with his wife and three cats.
Shoo is the author and illustrator of the Dragon Gold trilogy which comprises: Dragon Gold (2014), Dragon White (2015) and Dragon Red (2017).


Shoo Rayner's creative writing and drawing workshops (suitable for years 2-7)

Shoo does many writing and illustration workshops in schools. In his workshops he talks about his Dragon Gold and Dragon White stories, discussing the ideas and how the stories came about. As an illustrator Shoo finds the visual process in story planning very important and needs to draw the characters before he writes and finds this process appeals especially to reluctant readers and writers in the schools. Shoo performs parts of the story to give a flavour of the book and then discusses the problems of how to draw dragons - showing the children, step-by-step how to draw dragons for themselves. Then he finishes up with a Q&A about writing, illustrating and about being an author.

To book a workshop with Shoo contact him via his website

Visit Shoo's fantastic website full of ideas, youtube videos and tips about drawing here. It's brilliant!